Young Ears

Enchanting concerts for children aged 6 and over

Ha Concerts pulls out all the stops for an adventurous music programme for children aged 6 and up. Because who says that young ears can't also enjoy top-class music? 

  • During the week, check out our own series, Tiny Tunes, for music tasters with a Ha'ppy Meal afterward.
  • On weekends, we make room for unique family concerts from production houses like DE MAAN and Ultima Thule.

Come and enjoy the whole family at concerts that enchant, excite, move, make young and old alike dance, sing, shout or sway along.

Camps and workshops full of music (8 to 18 years)

For its camps and workshops, Ha Concerts collaborates with Kapinga Gysel of Mais Quelle Chanson.

Besides summer and autumn camps, Kapinga Gysel also provides weekly music workshops in our halls. These give children and young people the chance to develop through music in a playful context. 


It was loud, I wanted to cover my ears, but it was far too beautiful for that ...

A child in the audience

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