Tiny Tunes: Double You (4+) van Be Flat

aHa! festival 

Acrobats on the border


Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.✌️

concert without meal
€ 8 for - 18 years
€ 13 for adults

concert + Ha'ppy meal
€13,3 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 14 for - 18 years
€ 19 for adults
€ 2,8 for -18 years with Uitpas reduction / EDC
€ 3,8 for adults with Uitpas reduction / EDC


Unnumbered seats - club

17:00 Doors
17:30 Concert
18:15 Ha'ppy meal: veggie balls in tomato sauce

We always suggest an age for Young Ears in the title, because we know from experience that children enjoy it best from that age on. This is an estimate made in consultation with the creators, because sometimes they make it dark, quiet or loud during the performances. But of course you know the child best.

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Acrobats on the border

Get ready for this special Tiny Tunes, all in a festival atmosphere. When you enter the auditorium as an audience member, for a moment you might think you are seeing double. Two bleachers face each other, with a white cloth in between. It divides the stage and the audience into two halves. 

Each half experiences in its own way a show full of unbridled music and acrobatics. What happens on the other side? It remains a guess until the curtain falls. All drummers, all acrobats, all welcome. Are you ready to overcome your FOMO?

Double You
Thomas Decaesstecker, Mehdi Delanoeije, Ward Mortier, Dario Tabakov, Tars Van Der Vaerent (music and acrobatics)

Craig Weston (dramaturgy), David Carney (light creation), Marie-Anne Standaert, Stijn Dickel, Celestin Massot (outside ear), Zora Snake, Jesse Huygh, Sander Decuyper, Gianna Sutterlet (outside eye), Ella Courvoisier (costumes and scenography)

A co-production with PERPLX, Espace Catastrophe Creation residencies. With support from the Flemish government, City of Ghent and Circus Center, Centre des Arts scéniques, Dommelhof, Latitude 50, Mira Miro, MCAth, 30CC, Palestinian Circus School, PERPLX, CC De Grote Post, GC De Kroon

© Circusögraphy & Kathie Danneels



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