Just in families

B’Rock ft. Kalle Kalima

Songs between life and death, with soprano Olivia Vermeulen

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Bright Lights Sessions #20 Deluxe

a melting pot with Frank Vander Linden, Chantal Acda and An Pierlé

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Foyer Matinee: Nils De Caster and Sara De Smedt

Americana among friends

Start: 11:00 Tickets

Miguel Zenón & Luis Perdomo Duo / support: Lara Rosseel solo

El Arte Del Bolero

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Osama Abdulrasol: (In search of) New Flemish Masters

Brooding soundscapes between east and west, including DJ Grazzhoppa

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Allez, Chantez! * February

Come and sing

Start: 20:00 Gratis

Sneeuwlied (families)

Adventurous music for kids

Start: 17:45 Tickets

Sara Salverius x Aino Peltomaa

The simplicity of accordion and crystal singing

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Flat Earth Society Orchestra & LAZARUS: 'Orfeus'

Myth as a musical monologue

Start: 20:15 Sold out

aHA! Performania (5+) * Perforator

The world upside down with a balloon, ingenious electronics and an oboe.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! 0 Grote Joegoert (3+) * BomBarDon

Crazy fantasy with a peculiar animal in the weeds, air pirates and a spitting dragon.

Start: 14:00 Tickets

aHA! Lusiola (4+) * Amadeo Kollectif

Exploring in an interactive soundscape.

Start: 14:00 Tickets



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