Just in families

Denk Zorg: 'Pain'

Thinkers of today about tomorrow's health. With music by Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels

Start: 20:15 Sold out

Tiny Tunes: Frank Vander linden

Suitcase full of stories

Start: 17:45 Sold out

Frank Vander linden: 'singer/guitarist'

Solo full of stories

Start: 20:15 Tickets

De Ledebirds ft. Dick Van der Harst

Celebrating 15 years of music from around the world

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Ansatz der Maschine: 'Tunguska' / Support: DRIFTWOOD

New album and the last farewell

Start: 20:15 Sold Out

Foyer Matinee: The Chai Connection (albumrelease)

Grooving around the world with Wouter Vandenabeele and Thomas Noël

Start: 11:00 Tickets

Zoete Zondag: Osama Abdulrasol & Hilde De Clercq


Start: 15:00 Tickets

Gavin Bryars Ensemble: '1986 revisited'

Re-enactment of a legendary evening

Start: 20:00 Tickets

Villa Voortman band: ‘Het Album’

Eclectic evening between music and words

Start: 20:15 Sold out

Gavin Bryars Ensemble: 'Iconics works'

With iconic work such as The Sinking of the Titanic and Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Joachim Badenhorst's Zero Years Kid (albumrelease)

Playful fantasy on a film by Rinus Van De Velde

Start: 20:15 Tickets

Allez, Chantez! * December

Start: 20:00 Free entrance



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