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Support: Turpentine Valley

Dunk!festival in club format


€ 18,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 27 Presale / € 14 student
€ 31 Box office / € 18 student
€ 5,4 Uitpas reduction + EDC

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19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Dunk!festival in club format

The Dunk!Festival is the place to be for unique performances from post-rock, post-metal, drone, ambient, experimental and other alternative heavy guitars. For this club night, expect the same atmosphere in an even more intimate setting. 


Formed in 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the four-piece quickly built a reputation for their hardcore-influenced post-rock. After more than 300 shows across Europe and five albums, their music gradually showed a richer and more cinematic palette, more melodic than before and with more harmonies.

After Corona, they unpacked the acclaimed comeback album "We Salute You, You and You!" for the German label Pelagic Records (Mono, the Ocean, PG.Lost, ...). Live, they are the powerful, explosive, energetic and cathartic live band that gives them a very special place in the scene.

Insect Ark 

Ominous, desolate and fearless - this is the music of the Berlin-based American duo Dana Schechter (also a member of Swans) and Tim Wyskia (also a member of Khanate). On May 24, their fourth album "Raw Blood Singing" will be released, on which Schechter sings for the first time in 10 years. Her voice is alternately smoky, tormented and angelic.

But the echoes of her greatest influences remain: a love of 1960s horror soundtracks, avant-garde doom metal, experimental noise and classical music. Live, Insekt Ark expands to a trio (Lynn Wright on lap steel and guitar). This is a must-see. This is evidenced by their attention in cult magazine The Wire and their presence at festivals such as Le Guess Who and Roadburn. 

Support: Turpentine Valley 

Belgium's Turpentine Valley reduce their post-metal to its purest form: no words, just a wall of sound with ferocious drums, layered guitars and a growling bass. The music tells the story: unwieldy, intense, harsh and unrelenting.

Although the members have been playing together for over half a lifetime, Turpentine Valley - formed in 2016 - is still a relatively young band. The release of their debut album 'ETCH' on Dunk!Records (2019) put the band on the right track: three songs from it can be heard on the soundtrack of the Netflix courtroom drama 'The Twelve'. The follow-up 'ALDER' was released in 2022, again on vinyl by Dunk!Records and this time also by A Thousand Arms Records (US) and on cassette by Ripcord Records (UK).

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