Iskander Moon

'Are You Lost Here?'

Sparkling folk pop


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Sparkling folk pop

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Iskander Moens loves to be swallowed up by a big, anonymous city. From Zelzate, he has traveled to New York, Berlin, Boston and Florence for extended periods in recent years. There he immersed himself in the local music scene, played in numerous music bars - where he impressed with his warm tenor voice - and wrote a mountain of sparkling folk-pop songs. The most beautiful songs can be found on his debut EP "Are You Lost Here?", released on [PIAS].

Iskander Moens bored to Iskander Moon, because in the meantime the singer has a band. The songs show talent: they tell a reduced story and wrap themselves in silence instead of bombast. Music like a blanket to snuggle into. As if a door opens to another universe in which the listener willingly loses himself. 

With "Are You Lost Here? Iskander Moon delivers a special calling card. He is not lost at all. On the contrary, everything indicates that the path he has chosen is the right one. Where it will lead him remains an open question. But there is no doubt that the destination is worth the effort. 

For fans of Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, James Bay and Tom Odell.

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