Marble Sounds

An Emotional High (albumrelease)

Sixth album 

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Sixth plate with a turnaround

Marble Sounds has occupied a unique position in the Belgian music landscape for years. For the new and sixth album, to be released in early 2025, Van Dessel is changing course.

"I felt that with the last record I had reached a point that would be hard to go beyond. So instead of trying to top that album, I made a different record. Less melancholy, more pointed pop songs and choruses. The last album was for the heart, this one for the belly. Here and there are hints of my musical memories, especially from the 80s.

Sounds like

Piano and strings give way to a fuller, almost electronic and pure pop sound with synths where the spirit of Giorgio Moroder haunts.

The first single is "An Emotional High", a sparkling and epic indie pop that makes you long for summer and good times.

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