The Easywood Killers

Opening: Melting Pot

Bjorn Eriksson and his all star band 


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Bjorn Eriksson and his all star band 

Bjorn Eriksson doesn't do "music" half-heartedly. What originated as a solo project from his lifelong appreciation for the better film scores grew into a veritable all-star band.

The sound and atmosphere? Something between David Lynch and a dreamy trip through decades of film music. With a band full of heavyweights, that translates as just about everything between jazz, roots and film music, with crackling vitality, musical eagerness and bins of imagination. Widescreen cinema on stage!

The Easywood Killers
Bjorn Eriksson (Eriksson Delcroix, The Broken Circle Breakdown Band, Les Blauw - guitar, compositions), Tomas De Smet (double bass), Jeroen Stevens (drums, vibraphone), Roel Poriau (vibraphone, drums), Sander Smeets (keys), Peppie Pepermans (saxophone), Alain Rylant (sound)

Opening: Melting pot

At Melting Pot, you always get a meeting of fresh talent on stage. The musicians meet and play together with the energy of the moment. And exciting meeting that always produces something special. Line-up t.b.a.

Melting Pot is a collaboration between five European venues: Victoria Scene (Oslo), Jazztopad (Wroclaw), Jazzfestival Berlin, Jazzfest Saalfelden and Ha Concerts. Each house contributes a musician.


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