With Lander Severins & Thomas van Caeneghem

Preschool Cabaret Party


€ 11,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 17 for adults
€ 8 for -12 years
€ 3,4 Uitpas reduction + EDC


Unnumbered seats - theater

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
14:45 End

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This show is in Dutch

Preschool Cabaret Party

Lander is always happy.
I think so, yes.
Even when he hits his head on the lamp?
Even when he bumps into the lamp.

Or when he bumps his foot on a rock? Twice?
Even then Lander remains happy.

Thomas is never happy.
I think so, yes.
Not even when you hug him?
Especially not when you hug him.

Or when you tickle him behind his ear?
Please, Thomas is not a bunny.

Man, it's exhausting being Thomas or Lander.

BOTSKOP is a cabaret party for toddlers about (too) big emotions. In this musical and poetic theater, humor and emotion are never far away.

You know Thomas Van Caeneghem and Lander Severins from the successful remake of the classic Akke Akke Tuut. The fun between the two makes for real magic.

"What a gift this tender performance is for anyone lucky enough to see it." ★★★★ de Morgen

Thomas van Caeneghem & Lander Severins (text, acting, music) / Tom Ternest of Studio Orka, Lonely West (coaching) / Myrthe van Velden of Grof Geschud (dramaturgy)

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A co-production with SPINRAG, Schouwburg de Klap and Grof Geschud Photo
© Noortje Palmers



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