Rocío Márquez & Bronquio

‘Tercer Cielo'

Flamenco and beats


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€ 26 Presale / € 13 student
€ 30 Box office / € 17 student
€ 5,2 Uitpas reduction + EDC

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19:00 Doors 
20:15 Concert

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Flamenco and beats

She has one of the most beautiful voices on the flamenco scene today. He is a renowned Spanish producer of electronic music. Together, Rocío Márquez and Bronquio embody tradition and future, femininity and masculinity, the power of melody and the power of beats.

But this is not just a case of putting a techno beat on Andalusian vocals: the two artists' worlds merge with an astonishing naturalness. Their acclaimed album Tercer Cielo was a fresh whirlwind.

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photo © Lhaura Raín



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