Wij hier samen ook morgen (8+) premiere

Mais Quelle Chanson & Spectra

Musical storytelling with children at the heart

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13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
15:00 End

We always suggest an age for Young Ears in the title, because we know from experience that children enjoy it best from that age on. This is an estimate made in consultation with the creators, because sometimes they make it dark, quiet or loud during the performances. But of course you know the child best.

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This show is in Dutch

Musical storytelling with children at the heart

Growing up is not always so obvious. How do you actually do it? A group of children and youngsters goes in search of it. About what is and isn't allowed, what is guilt and innocence - and what we DO secretly. 

A little white lie here and there, don't we all? The image of what we would dare to do is brought to a head with a touch of absurdity and humor. The young singers sing and talk about who they are, who they are not and who they would like to be.

Wij hier samen ook morgen 
Mais Quelle Chanson: Kapinga Gysel and Luna Maes with children and youth MQC (singing and playing), Spectra: Tille Van Gastel (flute), Frank Van Eycken (percussion), Pieter Jansen (violin) and Lara Rosseel (double bass) 

Marieke De Maré and Kapinga Gysel (concept), Marieke De Maré (text), Frederik Neyrinck (music)

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