Zigoto (4+)

Zonzo Compagnie

Wacky cineconcert with live sounds and music


€11,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€17 for adults
€8 for -12 years
€3,4 Uitpas reduction + EDC


Unnumbered seats - theater

10:00 Doors
11:00 Concert
11:50 Einde

We always suggest an age for Young Ears in the title, because we know from experience that children enjoy it best from that age on. This is an estimate made in consultation with the creators, because sometimes they make it dark, quiet or loud during the performances. But of course you know the child best.

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Wacky cineconcert with live sounds and music

After the success of his performance Farfelu, sound artist Rémi Decker goes even deeper. He delivers a new selection of crazy animated films and visuals with a dizzying soundtrack.

Banjo! Bagpipes! Thumb piano! Whistles! Tirelessly, this "one man band" pulls one instrument after another out of his sleeve. He breathes life into the pictures with custom-made sounds, and you get to know all kinds of strange characters. You even get to play a role. Jump on a roller coaster for your eyes and ears. Hopefully you will stay on the track!

Rémi Decker (music and live performance), Wouter Van Looy (final direction)

A production of Zonzo Compangnie in collaboration with cultural region de Merode



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