Black Lives

‘People of Earth’ (album release) with Reggie Washington & DJ Grazzhoppa

From generation to generation

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A weaving of afro-jazz, funk and soul

The artists of the Black Lives Collective come from the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. A wide range of influences, generations and backgrounds with one common denominator. Their songs are a rich and multifaceted reflection of the different ways in which black people around the world view their existence.

What better way to fight for equality and justice than through music? Led by bassist Reggie Washington, this group of renowned artists sets the stage ablaze. Afro-jazz, soul, funk, gospel, ... they weave it all together with subtle nuances and frenetic intensity.

Black Lives
Christie Dashiell (vocals), Sharrif Simmons, (spoken word), Dj Grazzhoppa (turntables), Pierrick Pédron (sax), Grégory Privat (piano), Federico Gonzalez Peña (keys), Jean-Paul Bourelly (guitar, vocals), Adam Falcon (guitar, vocals), David Gilmore (guitar), Reggie Washington (bass, vocals), Gene Lake (drums), Marque Gilmore (drums, electronics) and Sonny Troupé (drums).

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