Itamar Borochov

'Arba' (Greenleaf Music label)

New York jazz with Middle Eastern melancholy

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New York jazz with Middle Eastern melancholy

Trumpeter Itamar Borochov is originally from the Middle East, but is part of the New York jazz scene. He plays his quarter-tone trumpet with sensitivity and virtuosity, incorporating influences from Arabic maqam-tone scales, Moroccan gnawa music, and the Sephardic sounds of his youth. This gives his sound an unusual expressiveness and serenity.

With his quartet he presents his fourth album "Arba" on Dave Douglas' prestigious Greenleaf Music label. For the first time, we are introduced to Borochov's earthy, expressive voice on several tracks.

Itamar Borochov
Itamar Borochov (trumpet), Rob Clearfield (piano), Luca Fattorini (bass), Amir Bar Akiva (drums)



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