Loopneus (6 months to 4+) * 2nd show

De Spiegel

Opera for the little ones


€ 13 adults
€ 8 (-18 years)
€ 1,6 Uitpas reduction + EDC

Unnumbered seats - club

14:00 Doors
15:00 Concert
15:40 End

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Opera for the little ones

Can a nose on a cell phone really smell? Can you kiss a virtual mouth? What does a television hear? Using arias from famous operas, Loopneus will find out for you.

With songs and videos, you will go on a journey of discovery through the senses, looking for a solution to the itchy problem of Nose. After all, what's wrong? Mouth, Ear and Eye help to unravel the mystery.

The result is a "nasal" opera for sniveling, sniffling young children, freely inspired by Gogol's "The Nose" and featuring a musical take from Purcell, Offenbach, Gershwin, Handel, Delibes, Bizet and Shostakovich.

Helene Bracke (concept, adaptation and direction), Karel Van Ransbeeck (coaching), Helene Bracke or Marie Van Luijk (acting and singing), Ewout Lehoucq or Fien Van Damme (acting, singing and cello), Senne Van Loock (acting and guitar), Jean Bermes (singing on video), Senne Van Loock (video, image and editing), Tijl Wellens (sound and editing), Evelyne Meersschaut (costumes), Wim van de Vyver (set)

A co-production with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Réseau Courte-Echelle Paris, Compagnie ACTA Villiers-le-Bel and Perpodium, with the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter.



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