Kapitein Winokio's jazzkwartet (5+)

aHa! festival

Second record full of swinging songs


€ 13.3 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 19 for adults
€ 15 for -18 years
€ 3.8 Uitpas reduction + EDC

Numbered seats - theater

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
15:00 End

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The songs will be in Dutch

Second record full of swinging songs

Captain Winokio conjures up his favorite musical genre with this jazz quartet. For his second jazz album, he collected the most beautiful melodies from a gigantic oeuvre of up to 800 children's songs. With these groovy tunes, he takes you to a world where champions paint, be brave, be proud, jump in puddles, dance and kiss in the moonlight.

On "More Jazz For Kids" the rhythms swing out of the pan, catchy and danceable. The chords are rich and deep. The melodies are playful, fresh and surprising. Children understand this language, it is playing with music.

Captain Winokio's jazz quartet
Winok Seresia (vocals and sax), Ivan Smeulders (accordion and synth), Karel De Bakker (drums), Stoffel Verlackt (guitar)

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With this record, children are blessed to be introduced at an early age to the great sense of freedom and joy of playing that is so typical of jazz.

Lies Steppe (Jazz presenter on Klara)



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