Miraculous Layers / Machtelinckx - Gouband - Leroux - Rasten

Double of layered and immersive jazz


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Miraculous Layers

Powerful rhythms and haunting melodies in a mix of jazz, pop, folklore and improvised music: this is the style of Sanem Kalfa's band Miraculous Layers. The singer and cellist uses all her talents for a wide musical range. Her technical vocal ability is always combined with a free(er) emotional spirit in bold musical performances that touch the primal soil of the human soul.

With Miraculous Layers she explores an exciting spectrum of human emotions, desires, fears and joys - all contained in the human voice.

Miraculous Layers
Sanem Kalfa (voice, cello, electronics), Tineke Postma (alto saxophone), Marta Warelis (piano), Sun-Mi Hong (drums)

Machtelinckx - Gouband - Leroux - Rasten (albumrelease)

Ruben Machtelinckx quickly grew into a respected composer and guitarist with a very distinct sound within the European music scene. With the album porous structures, from the quartet Machtelinckx/Badenhorst/Cools/Gouband, he won the 2019 Klara for "Best Belgian CD Jazz.

In 2024, porous structures II will be released, this time in the company of guitarists Fredrik Rasten, Frederik Leroux and percussionist Toma Gouband. A stubborn play of endless, subtle variations.

Ruben Machtelinckx (acoustic guitars), Fredrik Rasten (NO - acoustic guitars), Frederik Leroux (acoustic guitars), Toma Gouband (FR - percussion)

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