Foyer Matinee: Duo Natashia Kelly - Nicola Andrioli

Soulful ballads and Celtic songs


€ 11,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 17 Basic price
€ 5 (-12 years)
€ 3,4 Uitpas reduction + EDC


Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:30 Doors
11:00 Concert

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Soulful ballads and Celtic songs

“All things have disappeared from me. I can only recognize the sky.
Blanketed by darkness and bathed by light.
I lie flat beneath it.“
- R.M. Rilke

Singer Natashia Kelly has a heart for poetry. As recently as 2023, when she and her quintet released the album Dear Darkening Ground, poetry was never far away. Her special connection to the pianist remained during the recording. Now, as a duo, they present a new EP.

The two take you beyond the boundaries of jazz. With melodies sometimes stripped of all frills, sometimes more frivolous, along folk with Celtic accents, spirited ballads and songs. It is said that two are better than one. This duo is the ultimate proof.

© Björn Comhaire



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