James Brandon Lewis’ Red Lily Quintet

'For Mahalia, With Love' (albumrelease)

Songs from a gospel icon in a virtuoso jazz light


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Songs from a gospel icon in a virtuoso jazz light

After their groundbreaking and much-discussed Jesup Wagon (2021), award-winning American tenor saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis is back with his Red Lily Quintet. On the powerful For Mahalia, With Love, he reinterprets songs by a true gospel icon whose voice galvanized a nation.

Where Lewis used his transformative talents to revive Renaissance man George Washington Carver on Jesup Wagon, here the saxophonist does the same for force of nature Mahalia Jackson.

This time it's personal, as Lewis grew up on her music, nurtured by a grandmother who received Mahalia's singing like a thunderclap. Much more than a tribute, this work is "really a three-way conversation between Mahalia, my grandmother, and me.

Red Lily Quintet
Kirk Knuffke (cornet), James Brandon Lewis (tenorsax), Tomeka Reid (cello), Silvia Bolognesi (bas), Chad Taylor (drums)

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