Mile(s)tones (5+)

Zonzo Compagnie

Vibrant creativity of jazz legend Miles Davis


€ 11,9 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 17 for adults
€ 8 for -12 years
€ 3,4 Uitpas reduction + EDC


Unnumbered seats - theater

10:00 Doors
11:00 Concert
11:50 End

We always suggest an age for Young Ears in the title, because we know from experience that children enjoy it best from that age on. This is an estimate made in consultation with the creators, because sometimes they make it dark, quiet or loud during the performances. But of course you know the child best.

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Vibrant creativity of jazz legend Miles Davis

Immerse yourself in the compositions of American trumpeter Miles Davis and experience the fantasy world of improvised music. A percussionist, pianist and trumpet player are your ideal guides.

So one moment you are in a recording studio bursting with creativity, or as one of the musicians on stage, the next you are making live music to a movie or standing in the painter's studio of the celebrated musician.

This show has been conquering many a musical heart for years - both the children's and their parents' hearts. One to have seen for sure.

Bert Bernaerts (trumpet & bass), Fulco Ottervanger (keys), Simon Segers (drums), Miles Davis (music), Wouter Van Looy (direction & set), Pieter Nys (technique), Johan Cosijns (video), Evelyn Demaertelaere (costumes), Luc Cools (set)



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