Ultima Thule: ‘ZIJ(N)’ (14+)

Poetic musical theater

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Numbered seats - theater

19:00 Doors
20:15 Ultima Thule: ZIJ(N)
21:15 End

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Spoken in Dutch

Poetic musical theater (10+)

"I am nothing. I will never be anything. Nor can I want to be anything. Apart from that, I cherish all the dreams of the world." From these winged words of Fernando Pessoa, Lize Pede creates and recreates the universe between player and audience, between actor and musician, between man and material.

ZIJ(N) is a poetic search for balance, in which everything is not always caught in the rat race of becoming, but is also allowed to just be. Thus the theater, the time it exists, can be a place where we meet, open and with an outstretched hand. A place full of curiosity. A place where we may all BE in the moment!

You sit down.
You are there.

I am coming up.
I am here.

But between here and there
there is much more than that.
A universe brimming with
unspoken dreams
... and of questions.

What is this here? This place.
What is the purpose of this?
What am I supposed to do here? And what is allowed?
Who am I? And you? And are we together?
Am I when this is over,
will I still be the same as before?
Do I tell? Or do you do, by just watching?
Do I participate? Or do I not?
What is she building? What in God's name is she building?
A sky castle, herself, a bridge from here to there?
What if she falls? If everything falls? Do we then start again?
Why? And how? With what? And who will participate?
Who then carries whom?
And then? After that? What comes next?
Should something be said? One word? Or full sentences?
Or nothing. Maybe nothing at all. There is music.
That's a lot already.
Are we in a hurry or may it be slow?
Do I have the time? Or you? Or none of us?
Must there be an answer to all these questions?
To become more and more?
Or are we also allowed to be?
Maybe just ...

In this moment.
In this place.
Between here and there.

Lize Pede (creation, acting), Tba (music, acting), Sven Ronsijn (coaching, dramaturgy), Linde Carrijn (musical coaching), Rupert Defossez (technique), Marjolein Verschuuren (research, studio)



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