Tiny Tunes: Chantal Acda & The Atlantic Drifters

Dreamy songs + Ha'ppy Meal


Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.✌️

concert without meal
€ 8 for - 18 years
€ 13 for adults

concert + Ha'ppy meal
€13,3 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 14 for - 18 years
€ 19 for adults
€ 2,8 for -18 years with Uitpas reduction / EDC
€ 3,8 for adults with Uitpas reduction / EDC


Unnumbered seats - theater

17:00 Doors
17:45 Concert
18:30 Ha'ppy meal: veggie balls in tomato sauce

The Tiny Tunes series presents "adult" music in a child-friendly setting. In general, we use the 6+ guideline, but it remains an estimate per concert, depending on the type of music. Of course, you know your child best.

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Dreamy songs + Ha'ppy Meal

Dutch singer Chantal Acda has been visiting the Ha for years. Each time she delightfully covers the audience in the hall with her pure songs full of emotion - as if her voice was a warm blanket.

Together with her band, she highlights a whole host of new stories - in English. Through every note and word, Chantal reassures you that everyone is allowed to be there in their own way. Even if sometimes something doesn't work out.

Chantal Acda
Chantal Acda (BE - vocals, acoustic guitar), Eric Thielemans (BE - drums), Thomas Morgan (US - double bass), Darian Donovan Thomas (US - multi-instrumentalist), Kevin Hays (US - piano), Frans Van Isacker (BE - saxophone), Niels Van Heertum (BE - euphonium)




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