DE MAAN: ‘BOEF!’ (10+)

Arena of raw slam, gospel and poetry


€ 13 Basic price
€ 8 (-18 years)
€ 2,60 Uitpas reduction / EDC


Unnumbered seats - theater

14:00 Doors
15:00 BOEF!
16:00 End

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Spoken in Dutch

Arena of raw slam, gospel and poetry (10+)

In this small arena, snatches of lyrics, slam, gospel, rap, beatbox and dance will fly around your ears. BOEF! presents the reality of life, naked and raw. With a diverse cast, a minimalist set and socio-political themes, Ruud Gielens puts on a colorful and lively performance like no other that will touch every audience member.

In "BOEF!" you are sitting in the middle of the square next to "den blok," an impoverished neighborhood where a number of young people meet. Hope beckons around the corner in this emotional street concert, where the infectious beats invite the audience to dance or shout along. Long live the rose that grew from the concrete when no one cared for her.

Ruud Gielens (direction), Kaat Arnaert, Eric Kabongo, Joost Maaskant (performers), Freya Proost and intern Florence De Vocht (costumes), Ruud Gielens (lighting design), Dominique Defossez and intern Thibault Annoot (technique)

The divide between kids like Bootsy, Sammy and Jos in an underprivileged apartment block and the "well-to-do others" to which this trio does not belong is well felt. [...] Maaskant excels at infectious beatboxing with a screeching guitar solo as the highlight.


In co-production with DE MAAN and Perpodium. With support from the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and Cronos Invest. With thanks to elementary school De Baan, Mechelen.

Photo © Diego Franssens



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