Tiny Tunes: Amirtha Kidambi

Fireworks + Ha'ppy Meal


Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.✌️

concert without meal
€ 8 for - 18 years
€ 13 for adults

concert + Ha'ppy meal
€ 14 for - 18 years
€ 19 for adults
€ 2,8 for -18 years with Uitpas reduction / EDC
€ 3,8 for adults with Uitpas reduction / EDC


Unnumbered seats - club

17:00 Doors
17:45 Concert
18:30 Ha'ppy meal: vol-au-veggie

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Amirtha Kidambi is American and lives in New York, but her ancestors are from India. When she plays, you can hear both countries. 

She plays an Indian harmonium, a kind of organ on her lap. She makes warm sounds on it, alternating them with her voice. That's where the surprise comes in, because Amirtha sings, but she can also rhythmically recite lyrics or just make fine sounds. Children's ears will be well stimulated on these Tiny Tunes, and a little accompaniment and participation will create a captivating firework. 



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