Joachim Badenhorst's Zero Years Kid (albumrelease)

Playful fantasy on a film by Rinus Van De Velde

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Playful fantasy on a film by Rinus Van De Velde

Reed player Joachim Badenhorst is one of the most fascinating and adventurous Belgian jazz musicians of the past two decades. What happens when he gives his imagination free rein, averse to trends and expectations? That became Zero Years Kid.

In it, Badenhorst creates a playground alongside jazz to accommodate other ideas and interests. It creates a colorful amalgam of pop, jazz, experiment and R&B, with playful lyrics in his native language. Meanwhile, Zero Years Kid stands as an eclectic quartet that bypasses conventions as deftly as it is original. They present their album, out from KLEIN Records. A surprising fantasy world to get delightfully lost in.

Artist Rinus Van De Velde is also a big fan. Not only did he draw the new album cover; during the concerts Van De Velde's film La ruta natural will be shown and the musicians will perform in real Van De Velde costumes, surrounded by objects from his fascinating universe. It will be a memorable trip!

Joachim Badenhorst's Zero Years Kid
Joachim Badenhorst (vocals, sax, clarinet, electronics), Lennart Heyndels (bass, modular synth), Jan De Vroede (guitar, piano), Erik Heestermans (drums)

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