Winterslaap (2de/3de kleuter)


Funny songs for the young ones

This performance is intended for schools - in Dutch

Funny songs for the young ones

A door flies open - snow and icy cold - and three figures - or no, it's four - come in, slumped and musically packed. They stop and close the door with great difficulty. One of them takes a floor lamp from his overloaded backpack.

Are we sure?
Yes ... sure.
Okay. Fuse on.

Four gentlemen decide to hibernate this year. They need to relax. They need to get away, unplug. Why not hibernate like the animals? Why not hit the pause button?

Step back and relax!

You have it all thought out, you have it perfected, you have a whole schedule that you MUST stick to. Everything is on wheels, maybe even literally, everything is running smoothly, like a clock, like a fugue that sounds separately and yet together, everything is going wonderfully, until ....

When you need to relax, are you still talking about relaxing? Is there such a thing as a relax button? Does hibernation work?

Are you asleep?
Wake up!

BomBarDon's music is traditional, acoustic and carefully crafted for children's ears. It stimulates the imagination without overstimulating, and aims to refresh and connect with a wide arsenal of instruments, tons of playfulness and interaction.

Stijn Engels (double bass, piano, vocals), Maarten Schuermans (vocals, ukulele, flute), Pieter Elias (percussion, vocals), Jozef Sercu (piano, accordion, marimba, vocals)




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