Winterslaap (1ste/2de lager)


Funny songs for the young ones


€6 per student (-12 years)
1 free supervisor per 10 students

Unnumbered seats - theater

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
14:50 End

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This show is meant for schools - in Dutch

Funny songs for the young ones

BomBarDon's music is handmade, acoustic and carefully crafted for children's ears. It stimulates the imagination without overstimulating and aims to refresh and connect with a wide arsenal of instruments, lots of playfulness and interaction. 

Stijn Engels (double bass, piano, vocals), Maarten Schuermans (vocals, ukulele, flute), Pieter Elias (percussion, vocals), Jozef Sercu (piano, accordion, marimba, vocals)



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