Tiny Tunes: De Beren Gieren

Side jumps and upbeat melodies


Adults admitted only under the supervision of a minor.✌️

concert zonder maaltijd
€ 8 for -18 years
€ 13 for adults

concert + Ha'ppy meal
€ 14 for -18 years
€ 19 for adults
€ 8.4 for -18 years with Uitpas reduction / EDC
€ 14.2 for adults with Uitpas reduction / EDC


17:00 Doors
17:45 Concert
18:30 Ha'ppy meal: vol-au-veggie

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Side jumps and upbeat melodies

When you lay down with De Beren Gieren, you are swept along on a stream of pulsating grooves, bright tunes and upbeat electronica sound. Until suddenly... some side jumps take you off track.

For a moment the rhythm swings in a different direction or the melody surprises you with an unexpected witticism. How did that happen? Afterwards, the three gentlemen saunter on again, loosely moving on to the next song. Because De Beren always land on their feet.

De Beren Gieren
Fulco Ottervanger (piano, fx, synths), Lieven Van Pée (double bass, el. bass), Simon Segers (drums, fx)

photo © Francis Vanhee



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