Philip Catherine: ‘Piano Trio’

Belgium's greatest jazz guitarist

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Belgium's greatest jazz guitarist


Since the 1960s, guitarist Philip Catherine has been at the forefront of the European jazz scene. His dedication, unique style and a sound recognizable out of thousands propelled jazz towards new developments, fueled by playing with greats such as Chet Baker, Stéphane Grappelli and Charles Mingus.

After the celebrations surrounding his 80th birthday, it's clear: He continues to inspire. At Ha, he is joined by two faithful companions for an intimate concert.

'I am as passionate about jazz today as I was when I was a teenager. The guitar is an extension of myself.' Philip Catherine

Philip Catherine: 'Piano Trio'
Philip Catherine (guitar) - Nicola Andrioli (piano) - Bart De Nolf (double bass)

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‘Stunningly beautiful .. draws the listener in completely – making us consider each note.’




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