Julien Tassin solo / Tassin - Hermia - Joris

Double around guitarist Julien Tassin

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Double around guitarist Julien Tassin

Guitarist Julien Tassin continues to turn heads with his music. He stands for strong, lyrical melodies, cinematic themes and a musical universe in which blues, rock, minimalism and jazz blend blindly. He presents his new solo album, sharing with you a quest for purity and the urge to push boundaries.

Together with classics Manuel Hermia and Chris Joris, Tassin then explores the horizons of contemporary blues, tinged with jazz and African music. A new trio is born.

Tassin - Hermia - Joris
Julien Tassin (guitar), Manuel Hermia (saxophone), Chris Joris (drums, percussion)

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© Lucinde Wahlen (Julien photo)
© Pascal Ducourant (group photo)



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