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Since his formidable emergence in the late 1990s, jazz pianist Jason Moran has more than proven his ingenuity. After ten records with Blue Note Records and a seemingly endless list of collaborations with such names as Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland and Uri Caine, he is known as a risk-taker and innovator for jazz as a whole.

In Ghent, Moran lets his muse loose in a solo recital, traversing the entire jazz continuum and referencing stride, bebop, hip-hop and the avant-garde.

It will be a wondrous tribute to the greats, such as Thelonious Monk, Jaki Byard, Muhal Richard Abrams and Andrew Hill. An intimate evening of piano music, from the mind of a modern master.

‘Although he has the facility to play with breathtaking fleetness, his uniqueness traces to his refusal to be locked into predictable, bebop-based patterns.’

The Los Angeles Times

Photo © Clay Patrick McBride



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