Brussels Jazz Orchestra ft. Camille Bertault: ‘Gainsbourg’

Ode to a French icon and provocateur

Numbered seats - theater

19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert
​​​​​​​21:45 End

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Ode to a French icon and provocateur

Serge Gainsbourg is a figure who still fascinates, triggers and provokes. He evolved from rebellious, job-hopping jazz musician and crooner in Parisian nightclubs to the widely known artist and provocateur. His songs infused with humor, eroticism and wordplay made him one of the most influential artists in the world.
Together with French singer Camille Bertault, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra pays tribute to this icon of French music. A headstrong approach to the uncategorizable, always fresh and moving oeuvre of a versatile artist.

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'If you love words and mischief, you can't help but love Gainsbourg. I am very happy to have been asked for this project, which is not obvious: singing Gainsbourg with a big band and beautiful arrangements, and that as a woman. An amazing challenge!

Camille Bertault



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