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Published on 23/05/24

Belgian jazz talent on tour 

Also in season '24-25, Ha chooses JazzLab as its partner. For 30 years they have been stimulating the young Belgian jazz scene by offering them professional stages. Ha Concerts will therefore not be missing as a jazz venue during the tour throughout Belgium.

JazzLab agenda at Ha

Wajdi Riahi Trio


Jazz with bridges to Tunisia

20:15 Tickets

Meral Polat Trio

Earthy Anatolian songs rooted in blues

20:15 Early bird

Julien Tassin solo / Tassin - Hermia - Joris

Double around guitarist Julien Tassin

20:15 Tickets

The Rising Moon

Meditative impro - enter "into the sound"

20:15 Early bird

The Easywood Killers

Opening: Melting Pot

Bjorn Eriksson and his all star band - between jazz, roots and film music

20:15 Tickets



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