Zoete Zondag: Meskerem Mees

Sweet artist portrait


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€ 5 (-12 years)
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Unnumbered seats - club

14:00 Doors
15:00 Concert

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Alternating at Ha or Kopergietery on Sunday afternoons, you get a unique insight into a musician's life, through an intimate concert accompanied by personal stories. Each time is different, tailored to the artist in question.

The stories will be told in Dutch.

Sweet artist portrait 

It is midway through 2020 when Meskerem Mees storms the skies with her dreamy debut single "Joe. After a handful of beautiful follow-ups, the long-awaited debut album Julius follows in late 2021. 

Success reaches far into Europe: Meskerem receives awards from Montreux Jazz and Music Moves Europe, and travels on a conquering tour of numerous European venues.

But what goes on inside Meskerem herself? What stories are hidden behind her music? What are the songs that shaped her life? During this Sweet Sunday, she gives a look behind the scenes especially for Ha Concerts.

A collaboration between Ha Concerts and KOPERGIETERY
photo © Anneke D'Hollander



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