Seppe Gebruers solo / Natashia Kelly (albumreleases)

Songs as reflections of time

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19:00 Doors
20:15 Seppe Gebruers
21:15 Natashia Kelly
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Seppe Gebruers - album release of Playing with Standards

The always inventive pianist Seppe Gebruers presents his album Playing with Standards (el NEGOCITO Records). For this he brings no less than two pianos tuned in quarter tones. He sets to work with well-known songs such as jazz standards and folk songs.

Does he play with the songs or do the songs play with him? Gebruers creates a tension between the recognizable (or the memory of the songs) and the alienation caused by the quarter-tone pianos. This change of context gives the songs their own character, experience and sensation. In this process, Gebruers invites the audience to listen with brand new ears and reflect on the future of our memories.

Natashia Kelly - Songs as a reflection of time

The Belgian-Irish singer Natashia Kelly has slalomed between trance, improvisation and poetry in recent years. For her latest album (W.E.R.F. Records) she draws inspiration from poets like Rilke and Yeats, who more than a century ago gave words to issues surrounding man and nature. In a changing zeitgeist, Kelly is looking for hope, accompanied by absolute heavyweights from Belgian jazz.

Natashia Kelly: ‘Dear Darkening Ground’
Natashia Kelly (voice), Ruben Machtelinckx (guitar), Nicola Andrioli (piano), Yannick Peeters (double bass), Dré Pallemaerts (drums)

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