Roosbeef / support: Lucky Fonz III

New album from the Low Countries

standing places

19:00 Doors
20:15 Lucky Fonz III
21:15 Roosbeef
22:15 End

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New album

In 2020, Roosbeef is no longer just Roos Rebergen's band, but equally that of Tim Van Oosten, Pascal Deweze, Tom Pintens and Sjoerd Bruil, who joins the band as a new guitarist. Roosbeef is back. And stands there today more than ever as one of the Low Countries' most impressive bands. First singles 'Arme Slechterik' and 'Mandola' are the harbingers of nothing but good. They present their new album.

Support Lucky Fonz III

2022 saw the release of Lucky's latest album 'Hemellichamen': a moving collection of Nederpop-but-then-other. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious. 

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His music exudes a magical combination of youthful naiveté and mature insight. It takes courage to make pop music that is so poignantly personal. **** NRC

Lucky Fonz III

foto Roosbeef © Tijs Delbeke
foto Lucky Fonz III © Sanja Marusic



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