PJDS: 'Extinct Birds' (albumrelease) / support: ODO

Explosive songs

standing places

19:15 Doors
20:15 ODO
21:05 PJDS
22:30 End

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PJDS (album release)

Thirty years after debut Antidote, PJDS is playing tighter than ever. They present their critically acclaimed new album Extinct Birds.
In addition to brand new songs, expect quirky versions of older work, such as the Belpop classic "August" and radio hits "Fire" and "Baby's in the World".

They perform like beachcombers on a musical beach, somewhere between the water and the dike. From what washes up, new material emerges and sand inevitably creeps in. 

Pieter-Jan De Smet (vocals), Mirko Banovic (bass - a.o. Arno, FES, Arsenal, Stilll, Rapidman), Teun Verbruggen (drums - FES, Jef Neve Trio, BOAT, ...), Frederik Segers (guitar - Stadt), Jan Duthoy (keys - Absynthe Minded)

Support: ODO

This young, energetic trio from Ghent brings rock 'n' roll back to its roots. Since their inception a year ago, they have already performed more than 25 shows, culminating in a sold-out Charlatan in their own city. They also played as support act for PJDS in a sold-out AB Club and their debut single "Dangerous" was received with open arms. Their listing as one of the most promising bands of 2023 in HUMO was clearly just the beginning.

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photo © Anton Coene and Pieter Slembrouck​​​​​
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