Oriol Roca Trio ft. Lynn Cassiers / Jim Black & The Schrimps

Energy bomb from New York and Berlin

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20:15 Concert

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Energy bomb from New York and Berlin

Jim Black & The Schrimps

American master drummer Jim Black gathered around him some of the most exciting musicians from Berlin's young jazz scene. From the spirit of Elliot Smith, Stina Nordenstam and Ornette Coleman, they form a rhythmically explosive jazz quartet, with energetic improvisations and unstoppable joy of playing.

The quartet is noticeably influenced by the New York drummer's diverse experiences, but above all, it lives off the energy and individuality of each band member. The result is a raw energetic sound that challenges both the band itself and the listeners.

Jim Black & The Schrimps
Jim Black (drums), Asger Nissen (alto sax), Julius Gawlik (tenor sax), Felix Henkelhausen (acoustic bass)

Oriol Roca Trio ft. Lynn Cassiers

After a life among the best improvisers in Catalonia, drummer Oriol Roca started his own trio with a bang. Mar (2017, El Negocito Records) was immediately awarded the Enderrock Award for Best Jazz Album. Due to a desire for more melody, they now seek out soundscaper Lynn Cassiers, one of the notable voices on the European improv scene.

Singer Cassiers uses every musical genre without prejudice to create her own label-free music universe. This is evident in her acclaimed album YUN (2020), released by the prestigious Clean Feed label.

The natural communication within the trio - built up after more than 20 years of playing together - provides the perfect canvas for Roca's music, which calls for subtlety and strong musical personalities. Add vocals and you get magic founded on drive, risk and friendship.

Oriol Roca Trio ft. Lynn Cassiers
Lynn Cassiers (voice, electronics), Giovanni Di Domenico (piano), Manolo Cabras (double bass), Oriol Roca (drums, compositions)

‘They know each other through and through, as a result of which both concepts are continuously magnified by each other. The freedom is guaranteed to improvise to your heart’s content, but this is done within the limit of mutual uniformity.’ Jazzhalo about Mar

Oriol Roca

Photo © Cristina Marx



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