De Kortste Nacht with granvat (lying concert)


€ 16,8 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 24 Presale / € 12 student1
€ 28 Box office / € 16 student
€ 4,8 Uitpas reduction + EDC

21:15 Doors
22:04 Start at sunset
05:31 End at sunrise + breakfast
06:30 Final ending 

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Music until dawn

What exactly happens when time stretches? During midsummer night, granvat takes you on a journey of sound, from sunset to sunrise. This while you lie stretched out on mats and pillows dreaming away. In the morning you can reminisce in the foyer with a delicious breakfast.

Back to how it began

In a world that goes faster and faster, slowing down is the message. We remember the first Shortest Night in 2016 with the 18-piece Book of Air ambient orchestra. For this sixth edition, granvat (Merope, Hooray., Book of Air) will again be given a carte blanche, which they will fill out accompanied by a number of friendly musicians.

Bert Cools, indrė jurgelevičiūtė, Tsubasa Hori, Toma Gouband, Stijn Cools, Jean Christophe Bonnafous and Aiko are the first names we can already reveal. Come lie back, bring your pillow and mat and experience the magical feeling of experiencing the night, flowing along with the sonorous granvat world.

Percussion of the lungs can provide a picture of the air density of the lungs. Normally the lungs sound sonorous during percussion

Book of Air

Image © Juliane Noll



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