Wende: 'Sterrenlopen'

New album of Dutch pop + Support: Robin Kester


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19:15 Doors
20:15 Robin Kester
21:15 Wende
22:30 End

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New album of Dutch pop

Wende is one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands. She moves from pop to electronic, to jazz and classical, and for years has combined these musical styles in groundbreaking interdisciplinary albums and performances. Her trophy case reflects that diversity; she won an Edison in almost every category and was nominated for a Golden Calf as an actress. 

Wende's career began in 2003; since then she has made six albums and five performances of her own at home and abroad. Since 2017, she has been curating Kaleidoscope, for which she entered into challenging collaborations with Typhoon, Blaudzun and S10, among others. With her successful performances MENS and The Wilderness, she played in sold-out theaters and clubs across the country and at festivals such as Down The Rabbit Hole and Into the Great Wide Open. 

Her album MENS won the Edison Pop Award 2019 in the category Best Album and was nominated for Best Dutch Language Album. In September, her new album 'Sterrenlopen' will be released, which includes the recently released songs 'Het Is Genoeg', 'Dit Is Alles', and some songs from Wildernis have also found a place on this new album. 

Support: Robin Kester

Robin Kester took quite a run, but 2023 was finally supposed to be the year of truth. With the release of her long-awaited debut album Honeycomb Shades, she more than lived up to those expectations. Both the Volkskrant and NRC crowned the record Best Dutch Album of 2023. The record was nominated for a 3VOOR12 Award and in the annual list of OOR the record finished just behind De Jeugd.

Robin impresses on stages with her band, where the album gets another injection. Thus writes the Volkskrant: "The music sounds very controlled on record, but live it explodes completely with rocking finales and psychedelic guitars that tear in all directions. That's quite a revelation, especially when you see and hear it for the first time." and about the performance at Eurosonic: "She's become so good by now: with everything I've seen, she was really incomparable."

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