Noa Lee: ‘Airship’ / Rosa Butsi (albumreleases)

Intimate indie pop

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Noa Lee
21:30 Rosa Butsi
​​​​​​​22:30 End

Ha Concerts is one of Enchanté's Heartfelt Places. This concert is part of their cultural program Applause!

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Intimate indie pop

Rosa Butsi

Rosa Butsi inherited her musical genes from her Hungarian grandmother, whose name is now borne as an alter ego. With her warm voice and accompanying herself on guitar, she provides an ear-pleasing melange of jazz and singer-songwriter. In trio with Trui Amerlinck on bass and Jordi Geuens on drums, Rosa Butsi presents her debut album Fruitful Days.

After her win at Soundtrack 2020, Rosa Butsi rolled from one thing to another. For her debut EP Circle One (2020), she let different musicians from her circle of friends inspire and accompany her for each song. After it, a concert film (2021) and now the further completion.

Noa Lee

Those who think they have "just stumbled upon" an indie pop band with Belgium's Noa Lee will be scratching behind their ears after hearing the self-titled debut EP. One moment sweet-voiced and melodic à la Feist and Grizzly Bear, shortly thereafter seemingly adrift and impetuous à la Atoms For Peace.

The young band already got great playing opportunities in concert halls including Ancienne Belgique, Trix and OLT Rivierenhof. Online, their singles were picked up one by one by Humo, Knack Focus, Studio Brussel, Radio 1 and Willy. They present their debut album Airship.

Noa Lee
Nina Kortekaas (lead vocals, synths), Sebastian Leye (guitar, backings),
Boris Van Overschee (bass, synths), Robbe Broeckx (drums, backings)

'Very beautiful meandering jazzy guitar compositions, which surprise at the right moments and briefly go against the grain. Rose's soft voice completes it all.'

Ayco Duyster about Rosa Butsi

'You will undoubtedly hear from Noa Lee.'


Rosa Butsi foto ©  Babeth Albert
Noa Lee foto © Alexander Popelier



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