Istanbul Ekspres: Mary Jane / Ozbi

A wild Turkish romance + Hip-hop artist with a mission


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€ 27 Presale Uitpas Ghent
€ 27 (-18 years)
€ 33 Box office
€ 6,6 Uitpas Reduction / EDC

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19:00 Doors
20:00 Mary Jane
22:00 OZBI

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This concert will take place at De Centrale

A wild Turkish romance

Mary Jane is a popular Turkish music group that has long combined its vibrant stage act with original compositions and covers of contemporary hits. In recent years, Mary Jane has steadily strengthened its presence on digital platforms, and not only in Turkey but also worldwide, the group is quietly beginning to capture the hearts of music lovers.

The origin of the group name is somewhat mysterious, and who knows, maybe Buster Brown, Rick James, Alanis Morissette or Burry Soprano have something to do with it. One thing is certain: we are absolutely "In Love with Mary Jane"!

With their unique sound and infectious energy, the members of Mary Jane promise to take an exciting journey through the Turkish music world during their passage in Ghent, reviving both their own work and well-known covers.

Begüm Yiğit - vocals Arda Atılgan - guitar Atakan İlgör - bass guitar Cem Yılmaz - keys Ömer Yiğit Ünal - drums & percussion

Hip-hop artist with a mission

Ozbi, a promising hip-hop artist, has drawn attention to himself thanks to his unique style and thoughtful lyrics. The artist, who stands for originality and inspiration, has attracted an ever-growing fan base in a short period of time. His music brings to life the diverse and rich sounds of contemporary hip-hop culture.

His smooth flow and unique voice give his songs a recognizable and authentic vibe. What truly sets him apart from other artists is his ability to take complex topics and seamlessly weave them into catchy melodies.

With a growing number of performances and collaborations with other emerging talents, Ozbi continues to steadily build on his artistic path.

OZBİ - vocals Cihan Tanrıverdi - electric guitar Enver Muhamedi - bass guitar Barış Mert Peker - keys Ekin Cengizkan - drums

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