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Published on 13/09/23

Ready for the thirteenth edition

Istanbul, an iconic city with an extraordinarily rich history, has functioned for centuries as a melting pot of cultures living together with varying degrees of success. It is a vibrant, multicultural metropolis with an eventful past and a wealth of stories.

These stories are about love, challenges, dreams, (impossible) friendships and the struggle for a better life. Istanbul Ekspres' program brings these stories to life in diverse and engaging ways.

Besides the rising stars of Mary Jane, the popular singer Sena Şener and the progressive rock band Madrigal, with Ozbi and Gazapizm we bring to the Ghent audience two absolute stars of Istanbul's rap scene. And to make this edition complete, there will also be the classic matinee performance and the festive fasil evening with the Dareyn Trio and the İstanbul Fasıl Ensemble.

For five days, treat your ears to the best that contemporary Istanbul has to offer musically. In a remarkable symphony of sounds, the 13th edition of Istanbul Ekspres brings together a series of musical gems. Like Istanbul itself, this program reveals a multicolored and vibrant musical palette that transcends all boundaries.

Istanbul Ekspres: Madrigal

Progressive Turkish rock

20:15 Tickets

Istanbul Ekspres: Gazapizm

Empowering Turkish Rap

20:15 Tickets

Istanbul Ekspres: Istanbul Fasil Ensemble

At De Centrale: Istanbul Nights with raki and mezze

20:00 Sold out

Istanbul Ekspres: Mary Jane / Ozbi

At The Centrale: a wild Turkish romance + Hip-hop artist with a mission

20:00 Tickets

Istanbul Ekspres: Dareyn Trio

Classic echoes of Istanbul and the Silk Road

11:00 Tickets

Istanbul Ekspres: Sena Şener

At De Centrale: Turkish folk rock

20:00 Tickets



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