Istanbul Ekspres: Gazapizm

Empowering Turkish Rap


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19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Empowering Turkish Rap

Gazapizm, born Murat Ceylan, is an influential Turkish rapper and lyricist who has long played a prominent role within Turkish hip-hop culture. Gazapizm is known for his sharp and thoughtful lyrics that often address social issues, politics and the human experience. 

His musical repertoire ranges from introspective songs to powerful social commentaries. His style is characterized by his dexterity in manipulating words and exploring various rhythms and cadences. 

In addition to his musical contributions, Gazapizm has actively contributed to the development of the Turkish rap scene. He has done this through his involvement in events and projects that support and highlight young artists.

Gazapizm (vocals), Ateş Berker Öngören (guitar & keys), Hasan Sezgin (guitar), Ecem Otgucuoğlu (bass guitar), Berkan Keser (clarinet & saxophone), Cihad Akbay (drums)

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