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19:00 Doors
20:15 Fnussjen
21:30 Chris Joris
22:30 End

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Meditative miniatures and mesmerizing chamber jazz

Chris Joris: 'Until the Darkness Fades' (album release)

Chris Joris wrote one of the most colorful chapters of Belgian jazz. This percussionist played "world jazz" long before there was that term. He is known for hot-blooded jazz classics like Out Of The Night (2003). With Until the Darkness Fades, he unpacks with a haunting new project.

Joined by striking allies on violin and cello, he combines earthy percussion with the freedom of jazz and the elegance of chamber music. It will be a tantalizing dichotomy full of hybrid sounds, between romanticism and uninhibited adventure. Discover the story of a Belgian master who is far from finished.

Chris Joris ensemble
Chris Joris (piano), Cécile Broché (violin), Sigrid Vandenbogaerde (cello)

Fnussjen: 'Breathe' (album release)

For Fnussjen, drummer Nicolas Chkifi (Laniakea, Supernova, Doko) brought together some extraordinary musicians in an unusual lineup of harp, violin, piano and drums. Good for meditative miniatures with influences from folk and contemporary classical.

Chkifi's compositions flow further into adventurous improvisations, which combined with the unusual orchestration makes for a unique and intriguing sound experience. Take your time with this one.

Nicolas Chkifi (drums, compositions), Ann Eysermans (Champ d'Action - harp), Christian Mendoza (Ben Sluys trio - piano), Ananta Roosens (Oba Loba - violin)

'The music moves slowly, sparingly and meditatively, seems intent on achieving a mental state of tranquility. This is music of repetition, steady accumulation, slow dissolution and contemplation. Sketchy composition and controlled improvisation balance each other out. (Guy Peters on Fnussjen)

Guy Peters about Fnussjen

WERF Records and JazzLab are celebrating their 30th anniversary together with three tours/albums for which they are joining forces. Until the Darkness Fades by Chris Joris is one of them.

Photo © Thomas Geueens

Photo © Shamr Ockraver 



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