FES: 'The One'

Cheerful fireworks 


€ 21 Presale / € 11 student
€ 25 Box office / € 15 student
€ 4.2 Uitpas reduction + EDC


Numbered seats - theater

19:15 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Cheerful fireworks 

You know FES (Flat Earth Society) as a flagship of shepherded jazz. In their third decade, they remain the ideal partner for deliciously unreliable music, full of absurd perspectives and blood-curdling twists and turns.

On The One, they tirelessly take on the single-mindedness of truth. In a maddening world of crowded perspectives, bellowing personalities and hunger for comprehension, The One has become the highest good.

One truth, one clarity, one version, one story. With unstoppable eagerness, FES tackles this ridiculous reduction.

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photos © Bas Bogaerts and Willem Van Cauwenberghe



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