Donder in het donker / Ziel (première)

Immersive recumbent concerts during Ghent light festival

Unnumbered seats - club

19:15 Doors
20:15 Donder
21:15 Ziel
22u10 End

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Immersive recumbent concerts during Ghent light festival

Unplug. Enjoy two concerts lying down. From spoken word and ancient Sufi poetry to hushed soundscapes. 

Donder in het donker

How does the context in which we listen to music influence our concert experience? And what effect does this have on the musicians and the music that is created? Donder finds out.

Flop down around the band on mats and cushions in a barely lit room. The darkness acts as a magnifying glass for the smallest details. You become aware of your own breathing, every smallest movement and sound in and around the room. In this cocoon, you disconnect from the outside world and the sense of time and place fades. A collective trance between dream and reality.

Donder in het donker
Stan Callewaert (double bass), Casper Van De Velde (drums, percussion), Harrison Steingueldoir (piano) + special guest Rutger Zuydervelt (electronics - Machinefabriek)


A journey. Along inner landscapes. The destination? Where the deeply personal touches the collective, where our soul seeks contact with the sublime.

Be transported by word and a soundscape of contemporary electronics, rousing rhythms, Eastern stringed instruments and melancholic undulating sounds on serpent. An immersive experience where spoken word meets ancient Sufi poetry.

Ruben Nachtergaele (bruitage, electronics), Eva De Groote (voice, text), Berlinde Deman (serpent), Shahab Azinmehr (setar, voice), Robbe Kieckens (percussion), Elisa Demarré (outside ear)

Ziel came about with support from the City of Ghent / Culture Ghent and the Flemish Community



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