Building Instrument / Økland x Apeland

Intimate scandi jazz


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Building Instrument (album release)

Norwegian trio Building Instrument treads a subtle line between tradition and the future. They walk the tightrope between electronic manipulations of sounds, dreamy synth sounds and echoes of classical baroque. All without sacrificing groove.

After their acclaimed self-titled Hubro debut from 2014 and Kem Som Kan å Leve from 2016, they present a brand new gem Mangelen Min'. 

Building Instrument
Åsmund Weltzien (synths, lap top), Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums, percussion), Mari Kvien Brunvoll (voice, electronics, zither)

Nils Økland’s x Sigbjørn Apeland: 'Glimmer’ (album release)

On his previous visit to Ha, violinist Nils Økland stunned the audience. Such pure music. Together with keyboardist Sigbjørn Apeland, he has for 30 years formed an alliance at the interface between Norwegian traditionals and improvisation. They present their latest album Glimmer, out on the ECM label.

Nils Økland’s x Sigbjørn Apeland
Nils Økland (hardanger violin) Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium) 

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