Bram De Looze: 'Spotting Gateways' / Naïssam Jalal Quartet: 'Healing Rituals'

New album on solo piano + Whispered art as ritual

Numbered seats - theater

19:15 Doors
20:15 Bram De Looze
21:30 Naïssam Jalal Quartet
​​​​​​​22:30 End

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Naïssam Jalal Quartet: 'Healing Rituals'

To see a way through a turbulent world, French flutist and singer Naïssam Jalal likes to draw inspiration from traditional cultures and customs. With Healing Rituals, she brings together Egyptian, Moroccan and American traditions focused on collective grace.

In quartet, she presents a powerful ninth album.

Jalal's whispered art is a true ritual, drawing inspiration from customs to soothe and heal. For this, she was awarded at the Victoires du Jazz as recently as 2019. From her connection with nature, she transforms this powerful energy into music. Good for feelings of peace, fullness and wonder.

Naïssam Jalal Quartet
Naïssam Jalal (flute, voice, nay, composition), Clément Petit (cello), Claude Tchamitchian (double bass), Zaza Desiderio (drums)

Bram De Looze: 'Spotting Gateways' (album release)

Pianist Bram De Looze is characterized by extraordinary technique, layered melodic insight and by now an impressive record of achievements. He continues to enrich and refine his playing. After lauded work with the New York master drummer Eric McPherson and the impressive Berlin bassist Felix Henkelhausen, he returns to the keyboard alone.

He presents his fourth solo album, out Jan. 19, '24, on Dutch label DOX Records.

The main ingredient remains his challenge to dare to leave music open in the moment itself and be connected to the potential it offers. De Looze digs deeper into his playing of free improvisations and his own compositions, changing rules without sacrificing playing pleasure and dynamics.

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'Bow' is a song grown out of humming a little melody one day. After some time it sounded as it could be something repetitive but moving forward at the same time. It is a song dedicated to my other half, Cho, and referring to how intense a Korean traditional wedding celebration can be.

Bram De Looze



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