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Published on 01/10/20

Ha Concerts employs a small and driven team. Due to the horizontal organization, the focus is on mutual consultation and close involvement across branches. In addition, we believe in strong partnerships and actively contributing to various networks, both in the city and internationally.

At the city level + international

This is why Ha Concerts has been a member of Greentrack since 2012, in order to organize ourselves as a cultural sector in a more sustainable and ecological way. We also take an outspoken position with Diversity and Inclusion Ghent (DIG), and through the Ghent Arts Consultation, we feel connected to everyone who contributes to the artistic imagination of this city.

On a larger scale, Ha Concerts is Belgian ambassador of EE Music, a European platform for a sustainable music sector. Then again, at the European Jazz Network (EJN), jazz music is the connecting factor, with artistic director Wim Wabbes at the helm as chairman.

Within the team, we also strive for a sustainable working atmosphere.
  • There is a focus on life-work balance.
  • All employees may spend 1 hour of work hours per week on yoga.
  • Ha Concerts supports the professional growth of its team. Through training, employees are ready for the challenges of the future. This with the support of the Department of ESF and Sustainable Enterprise of the Ministry of the Flemish Community.

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