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Published on 22/11/22

20 years of Ha - a happy reunion! 

Ha Concerts is 20 years old and this will be celebrated throughout the season. We are inviting big names who were also there in 2002. 

WIM WABBES (artistic director): "To be a child at home" is a beautiful saying. Ha Concerts has many artists who are 'children at home.' Artists who could share their - often whimsical - trajectory with an audience. Four artists who helped color the inaugural season are back on the bill 20 years later. The four names exemplify the diversity within our program. They are artists of great international resonance, some of whom began their European careers in Ha.

  • Titi Robin also had 9 records to his credit in 2002. He remained a welcome guest in Ha during all these years in various line-ups, and now presents a new album with the Flamenco singer Sadnaa. 
  • Susana Baca was already a very respected artist in 2002. She presented her last album Lamento Negro with which she won a Grammy Award. Meanwhile, Baca has also been Minister of Culture of which meant a small break in her musical career. But now she is fully back at it. Her most recent album, Palabras Urgentes, is considered one of her best.
  • Cristina Branco had just turned 30 in 2002 and the gates of Europe were only just opening. 
  • By then, John Scofield had already spent half his life playing with a solid band in Ha. Now he comes to present his first ever solo record (coming out on ECM). As if it had to take so long before the master wanted to make his voice heard solo.

Titi Robin trio & Robert Saadna

Global sounds at a high level

20:15 Last tickets

Susana Baca: ‘Palabras Urgentes’

The mother of Afro-Peruvian music

20:15 Tickets

Cristina Branco

Fado world star

20:15 Tickets

John Scofield solo

Living guitar legend

19:00 Tickets



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